I have an iPad. I have a copy of Chrome OS. Why not put the two together? That very thought went through Hexxeh’s mind so he went and did it. In the video below you can see Apple’s hardware running Google’s OS in an unholy marriage that will have Steve Jobs breaking out in hives…

We’ve seen Chrome OS hardware hacks before (the first was an Eee PC T91 with Chrome OS stuffed inside) but this is definitely the coolest so far. Unfortunately kluging the Chromepad together hasn’t produced a very smooth experience but we’re still tickled by the iPad/Chrome OS hybrid in the video above.

Hexxeh says he’s managed to put one of the open source Chromium builds of the Chrome OS onto the iPad but hasn’t offered up details of just how he did it yet. Cue skeptics with cries of Photoshopping or a cheeky trick using VMWare.

We’re choosing to be optimistic and believe that Hexxeh has really managed to create this Frankenstein’s monster Chromepad. The idea of a hacker with an iPad beating the market to the punch with a Chrome OS tablet is just too much fun to ignore.

Are we wrong to think that this might be true? Watch the video yourself and let us know what you make of it in the comments. We love the soundtrack choice (some chiptune bleeps from Anamanaguchi).

Out now | From £429 + £free | Apple (via Hexxeh)

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