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Justin Bieber2

  • Kasaki


  • Bozotrev

    What the fuck has Justin Bieber done to deserve recognition from Dre? He makes ghost-written bubblegum bullshit. Fuck Bieber, fuck these headphones,and unfortunately, fuck Dre for making these.

    • fuk

      man fuck you

  • courtney

    were do u get these headphones from ? x

  • bieberfan

    how much

  • Sarahisaballer

    Best damn things I’ve seen in my hole fuckin life <3

  • Emmilyx

    i w
    i wa
    i wan
    I WANT
    i wan
    i wa
    i w

  • kirstenbieber

    fuck you; if you dont like justin bieber then why search up his headphones? you dont know his past and how long it took him to get from where he wa then to where he is now…
    and you obviously dont like dre that much
    he has done so well and has so many fans i be ur some old man of a sado sitin behind u computer screen all day. GET A LIFE!

  • mc infinity


  • Love Loving

    WOW … So o you are pathetic .. dint like them dont search them !

    Although I have to say … justin Bieber is great and all but he has hit a new level … love the headers then in bud

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