Angry Birds has finally been updated for the iPhone 4. As of yesterday, Angry Birds has been updated for retina display, had the golden egg sound board revamped, plus had 15 new levels added, which should keep you busy for the next couple of weeks at least. Also in the Angry Birds update is Game Center support, with a whopping 16 leaderboards to climb and 43 achievements to earn. You better book the day off…

[via AppAdvice]

  • surethom

    What about the Android full version,

  • Patrick Johnson

    I've had to go out and buy a 8gb secondhand ipod touch just to play the full version of this. I own the Dell streak and the HTC Desire but nothing apart from the lame 15 level Demo. its getting beyond a joke LOL.

    I really got it as I have loads of games I paid for while owning the 3G and 3GS a while ago. but got the ipod yesterday to have some non Android fun, I feel Dirty too for doing it …..

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