UPDATE: Free iPhone hunters, you might want to re-consider your medical career. It turns out Leeds medical students won’t get a sparkly free iPhone 4, but instead a comparatively dowdy free iPhone 3GS. (Thanks to Natasha at Silicon for putting us straight!)

Hankering after a free iPhone but can’t get one through your mobile network? You should consider a dose of higher education: 500 medical students at the University of Leeds have been kitted out with free iPhones so they can tap into textbooks online.

According to the BBC, the students are using Apple’s smartphone to dive into “reference material and prescription guidelines” and definitely not Angry Birds.

Upon graduating, students will have to return their free iPhone, and to get one you’ll need to hang in there until the fourth and fifth years of medical school.

It’s not clear how students will access reference books on the iPhone or whether they’re being given the very latest model of iPhone 4, but reports suggest bespoke applications will be used, pre-installed on the phone to provide “key medical text books” on the move. Students will also be contactable by the phone, letting tutors keep tabs on them.

According to Leeds University’s figures, the iPhone and its associated data tariffs will cost £380 per student. That’s “a fraction of the £50,000 per year which it says it costs to train a doctor” so those crying fowl should hush up.

Speaking to the BBC, Professor David Cottrell, dean of the Leeds University medical school, says a free iPhone puts “a whole suite of training tools and educational resources in the palm of [a student's] hand” and, obviously, makes them look cooler on campus too.

Out now | £TBC | Via BBC

  • Chris

    Apple has just released an update for the brilliant remote app. Support for iTunes 10, retina displays and the iPad have all been included!

  • http://www.yours4freenow.co.uk Tam

    Sounds good to me, I'm all for technology helping with studies.

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