Is this the BlackBerry Storm 3?

We hope so. This alleged shot of a BlackBerry Storm 3 shows a touchscreen only ‘Berry with a radical redesign that has more in common with an HTC Incredible or Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. The thing is – other reliable publications are claiming it’s going to be much less interesting. Read on for the ins and outs.

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This picture was published by BerryReview, and it purportedly shows a BlackBerry Storm 3 model that well, looks delicious. The screen size is closer to 3.7-inches than 3.2-inches and the site claims it will also pack 8GB of onboard storage, and even support for using the 3G connection to create a mobile hotspot – something RIM has avoided in the past as it prides itself on the security of its network.

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Sounds great, right? It’s a pity then that BGR, which is rarely off target when it comes to BlackBerry leaks, says the BlackBerry Storm 3 will be a much more mundane mobile, very similar to the ordinary looking Storm 2, and even, gasp, using that same clicky SurePress display we thought RIM had abandoned with the BlackBerry Torch 9800. BGR reports that it’ll pack 512MB of RAM, BlackBerry 6 and potentially a five megapixel camera.

So we reach an impasse: we know which of these two BlackBerry Storm 3 models we want to be real, but we know given RIM’s glacial approach to improving on hardware which of these sounds much more likely. Stick around, as we’d expect plenty more BlackBerry Storm 3 leaks in due course. Come on RIM, surprise us this time.

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