Google Docs is about to colonise the iPad. While you’ve can view Google Docs files on the iPad now, Google has announced that it’s prepping a fully functioning iPad version of Google Docs to give iWork a run for its money. With wireless printing arriving with iOS 4.2, is Google Docs going to be the only documents app you’ll need?

Typically, Google announced Google Docs for iPad in a fairly offhand fashion, dropping the news in a post on the Google Blog. It says: “We’re launching new cloud-powered capabilities…soon, mobile editing in Google Docs on Android and iPad.”

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Google says we’ll be able to simultaneously edit documents with friends and co-workers using the iPad and Android devices like the Dell Streak but doesn’t actually get into details.

Google Docs for iPad and Android could arrive as a standalone app (like Google Maps or Google Earth) or as a touch-friendly web app as with Gmail for iPad. The first would allow for offline editing of apps for folk without a 3G-packing iPad but the latter would be easier to sling out to more devices quickly.

Let us know: are you an avid Google Docs user eager to get your hands on it for iPad?

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  • sishort

    I'm not currently a Google Docs fan, but bring it to the iPad and I could be.

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