Sky 3D is just around the corner, but before Murdoch’s marketing gets into full swing, the satellite superpower has enlisted Twitter guru and technology fan Stephen Fry to explain a few of its finer points. Here’s Mr Fry talking to you, the Electricpig faithful, about the joys of 3D telly. Enjoy!

Fry explains the difference between active and passive 3D, the finer points of 3D formats (and why there’s no format war) as well as the sorts of things you can enjoy in 3D… including the upcoming Sky 3D channel, naturally.

Point your peepers at Stephen Fry’s Sky 3D explanation below, and shout up if you’ve got any other questions below. Maybe starting with how much Fry was paid to pimp 3D goggleboxes… If you’ve got a Sky HD box, you’ll be all set to watch Sky 3D when it goes live later this year. All you’ll need is a 3D ready TV and some snazzy specs.

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