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Nokia Plug And Touch video: Turn your TV into a touchscreen!

Nokia Plug And Touch is one of the more striking tech demos the company is showing off at Nokia World today, and it shows Microsoft doesn’t have a monopoly on controller free gesture input for your telly with Kinect. Check out a Nokia N8 giving an HDTV magical touchscreen powers here with our hands on video!

The premise behind Nokia Plug And Touch is actually surprisingly simple: connect your phone to the TV (via TV-out, or in this case, HDMI out), plonk it in front of it, and it uses the camera to work out where you are, and recognise gesture inputs about an inch from the screen.

Currently, these amount to single taps and swipes to scroll, but the potential could be huge, with pulls and stretches to zoom in on pictures.

Nokia Plug And Touch is still just a research project (At Nokia Research Center, Beijing), but it’s been tested on both Symbian 3 and Symbian S60 5th edition touchscreen phones, so don’t despair just yet: the Nokia you’re rocking right now could one day get these powers.

Check out the demo on video below: as you can see, it doesn’t get all the gestures straight off the bat, but we still like what we’re seeing!

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