Nokia C3 Touch and Type hands on photos: S40 gets slick

The Nokia C3 Touch and Type just got official at Nokia World 2010 this morning, and we made a dash to try one out for ourselves. Symbian S40 isn’t something we usually get excited about, but this slick candybar might just have made converts of us. Read on for hands on photos and first impressions.

Forget what you know about Symbian S40 devices: the Nokia C3 Touch and Type is one seriously slick device. At around 11mm, it’s really thin, and while perfectly pocketable, the T9 buttons are still very large and easy to type with. The back panel is a curved, smooth affair with a five megapixel sensor – we think we lie the silver over the dark grey but each to their own.

The touchscreen on the Nokia C3 Touch and Type meanwhile is perfectly responsive, and ideal for prodding icons and web links – we got a chance to scroll through an address book, and it kept up with our swipes, even if Symbian S40 started to screen crunk.

Our one reservation with the Nokia C3 Touch and Type is that for around the same price, you can get the Symbian S60 fuelled Nokia C5, with Ovi Maps and free navigation – though no touchscreen or WiFi. But shove S60 in a shell like this, and Nokia could be on to a real winner.

Out Q4 2010 | €145 | Nokia

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