Today HTC announced it is launching, a series of connected HTC services, which will “provide the capability to manage, control and customise the customer experience,” according to John Wang, the chief marketing officer at HTC.

Translation? HTC just put itself squarely head to head with the iPhone and Mobile Me, Windows Phone and its remote lockdown, and even certain Symbian apps. The gameplan? In all likelihood making HTC phones the defacto device for businesses and security-conscious laymen alike will go live when the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z are launched and like Apple’s Find My iPhone and Mobile Me, lets you syncs your HTC Desire HD or HTC Desire Z to the cloud, as well as track their location.

Check Out Our Most Recommended tracks your phone using its GPS chip and Wi-Fi signal, so if it’s lost, and is on silent in the house, you can push a signal to it, making it ring remotely through You also have the power to lock your phone remotely using, and through HTCSense you can leave a lost and found messgae, plus a button that calls you at an alternative number you’ve programmed in. That’s a step beyond Apple’s system.

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The syncing system, however, is very smart. lets you log in and search for text messages, which are stored online. So if someone has sent you an address, you can find that text message on your computer or laptop, and save the location to the HTC Footprints app, which then syncs with your phone and can be accessed on your device.

If your phone gets stolen, then through, you can erase its memory, to stop anyone tapping in to your data, and because it’s backed up to, you can restore it later when you get a new phone.

The best bit? will be free to use with the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z. Take that Apple!

Out mid October | £free for HTC Desire HD and Z |

  • Anon

    Stay classy, Nokia.

  • Lord Chuf chuf

    If your Nokia has enough memory to download the latest version that is!

    • bensillis

      Oh snap! Which model do you have?

  • Androidboy

    Ha Ha wish i'd gone today. I used to be a nokia Fanboy. The symbian operating system is attrocious. I don't thibnk whatever Nokia come up with now will even thouch the likes of Android and IOS4. Can't wait to see what HTC bring to the table today….

  • Ace


  • Tony

    Is it launching in the US, the article says all markets? that would be cool

    • bensillis

      european markets I believe Tony – the HTC Evo 4G and T-Mobile G2 in the US are almost identical anyway.

  • bensillis

    Nice touch, HTC – not too much overlap with Google's core Android cloud services, which is the mistake various networks have made when adding their own apps to Google phones.

  • adrian

    What about simple HTC Desire? No update for them? I don't like physical keyboards on touchscreen phones and I want a smaller screen, the simple older Desire would be perfect with this new HTC Sense… But will it be available for it?

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