Our HTC Desire HD exclusive the other day was bang on. Another shot of the HTC Desire HD has popped up on a German retailer’s website, confirming that the hardware we spied in that Amazon email was the real deal. The only slight fly in the ointment is that this HTC Desire HD shot shows a Windows Mobile 6.5 UI slapped on top. Fear not though, we can explain…

BestBoyz spotted the HTC Desire HD listed by German store Base. The image of the phone is bigger than the HTC Desire HD thumbnail that popped up in the Amazon email earlier this week but it’s definitely the same handset.

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So why is that Windows Mobile UI splashed all over the HTC Desire HD? It’s most likely a bit of slapdash Photoshop to jazz up an image of an HTC Desire HD that hasn’t been switched on. The UI shown in the image is the Windows 6.5 Sense skin used on the HTC HD2 but the phone pictured definitely isn’t that WinMo machine.

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Take a closer look at the HTC Desire HD image and you’ll see the same grey grille and touch-sensitive buttons as we’ve spotted in previous HTC Desire HD leaks.

Despite all the tasty glimpses of the HTC Desire HD we’ve had so far, it’s still not official. Stay tuned for our coverage of the HTC press conference next week when we should finally get our hands on it.

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