Someone at Apple HQ is in for a telling off, as images of the new iPod touch have been Photoshopped leaving the phone and iPod icons intact, presumably a bad job using an iPod touch body and a screen copied from the iPhone.

The new iPod touch, despite having FaceTime, and being an iPod, does not have a phone function, and the iPod icon is replaced by a Music icon in the new iPod touch, which contains all the music functionality. Across the bottom the phone should display Music, Mail, Safari and Video icons.

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Those mistakes are obviously misleading to your average consumer. But to start getting picky, there’s also a bit of wonky Photoshopping going on in the reflections between one iPod touch resting on another on the design tab of the iPod touch site.

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This new iPod touch Photoshop fail installment is just the latest in a string of Apple Photoshop errors, just take a look here.

To have a look at the whoopsie, head to the Apple site under features, then more features. At time of writing the error is still up on the new iPod touch Apple site. How long before it disappears?

  • bensillis

    What on earth is going on with the perspective there?

  • Jake Walker

    its gone

  • Susan

    I don’t need a cellphone—if Apple could come out with an iPod touch with all the capabilities of the iPhone minus the phone.. that would be great. I would probably pay for a data plan as well.

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