Bluetooth-equipped iPod docks are still relatively rare, but they’re dead handy if you’ve got several gadgets storing your digital song collection.

That’s why we’re taken with the SoundFreaq Sound Platform: a monsterous hulk of Hi-Fi tech, ready to gobble tunes from iPhone, iPod and iPhone wirelessly. Read on for a closer look.

Unveiled at IFA last night, the SoundFreaq Sound Platform is a Bluetooth equipped speaker dock with a handy iPad app too. Hook up your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or any mobile with A2DP stereo Bluetooth streaming and you’re in business.

There’s also an iPod dock up front, which makes plonking your Apple jukebox down for a tune ‘n’ charge session a jiffy.

As you’d expect, the SoundFreaq Sound Platform is designed with audio quality as well as convenience in mind, with custom woofers and tweeters. Take a look at the video below, and see the SoundFreaq Sound Platform in action.

Our November 2010 | £200 | SoundFreaq

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