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Toshiba just whipped the covers off the Folio 100 Android tablet. Packed with Nvidia Tegra graphics chips, running Android 2.2 and boasting such niceties as an SD card slot, twin USB ports and HDMI output at full HD. Take that iPad!

The Toshiba Folio 100 also has a slightly bigger screen than Apple’s tablet, and a 1.3 megapixel webcam and full Flash 10.1 support. We know what you’re thinking and, yes, that means it should run Chatroulette just fine.

It’ll be out in November for £329, with 16GB of storage built in. Next year, Toshiba tells us there’ll be a “competitively priced” 3G model too.

Battery life is listed at 7 hours (65% web browsing, 10% video playback, 25% standby) and the whole shebang weighs in at 760g.

In use, it’s surprisingly sprightly, despite the software being non-final. We fired up Electricpig’s homepage and were surprised at the speed it rendered. We saw games in action too, suggesting this could be a true iPad battler, and flicking between menus was as smooth as stroking a buttered snake.

Toshiba also have a handful of Folio 100 accessories available, including a dock to connect the tablet to a TV with HDMI for video playback. It’s grabbed our attention, and is currently vying for top spot in our IFA affections, along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Out November | £329 | Toshiba

  • Hdawggy

    I'd pay $450 for it. But the Galaxy Tab going to be over $1000 is just insane.

    • Boyers

      Well you could do even better – Harrods are offering a diamond encrusted Galaxy at over £2000 – even without diamonds Samsung seem to have flipped to the dark side – is there any lunatic going to shell out £600 for a mobile phone on steroids? A fool and his money are soon parted!!!
      Maybe if the morons at Samsung browse Electric Pig – nobody is going to buy your over-priced crap!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vital-Roux/100000024176892 Vital Roux

      Please don't.

      I've tried it – it's a shame Toshiba was even allowed to release that on market.

      The operating system is ugly and hard to follow. Remember the time you had to use the dial pad of your pho ne to type a www address?

      Slow. Really slow. Like Pain-in-the-A – Slow.

      Can't say much about the screen; except that the Android interface looks very low resolution. Like very. (pixellated texts especially).

      I don't recommend this thing.

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