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Sony satnav stereos just got a TomTom makeover, with the two firms partnering to launch Sony Xplod navigators: Slick satnav units built into car stereos, with TomTom navigation inside to boot.

The new Xplod AV Navigation Systems consist of a Sony “AV head unit”, or a car stereo to most drivers, with a pop-out screen measuring 6.1 or 7 inches. The set-up pairs with a wireless TomTom Navigation Module, which sits on the dashboard to receive GPS signals, and even housing a SIM card to access the web.

It’s a set-up which delivers the best of both worlds for drivers wanting fuss-free in-car navigation and entertainment: The joys of TomTom software, and integration with a top of the line Sony car stereo. TomTom Live services, including HD Traffic, Local Search with Google and Safety Alerts are the icing on a very tasty cake.

All Sony Xplod AV Navigation units come with maps for 45 European countries, while TomTom IQ Routes and MapShare mean guidance for the fastest routes is done on more than mere speed limits, and maps are always up to date.

Sony brings it’s AV supremacy to the party too, with Centre Speaker Organiser, a feature which recreates 5.1 channel surround sound by placing an additional ‘virtual’ speaker right in the middle of the dash board. There’s also Intelligent Time Alignment, which considers the driver’s off-centre position and adjusts audio to make sure stereo sound is still heard in perfect sync

There’s tech from the Sony Walkman family inside too, with ZAPPIN and SensMe letting you choose tunes to match your mood. As you’d expect, the Xplod satnav stereos will accept music from Walkman MP3 players, iPods, iPhones and USB memory drives too, as well as boasting Bluetooth for audio streaming. The range will hit UK shelves in October 2010.

Out October 2010 | TBC | Sony, TomTom

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