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The glasses-free 3D screen in the Nintendo 3DS sent jaws to the floor when we first saw it, but now the manufacturer behind it, Sharp, has shown us one the size of an iPad, and says it’ll appear in gadgets next year too.

We spied the 10.6 inch screen tucked away on Sharp’s IFA display and quizzed the team members behind it, who told us that although the panel uses twice the power of a typical 10 inch screen, and weighs almost twice as much, they’re already being asked to supply it to gadget-makers.

The screen, which is roughly an inch larger than that of the iPad, was happily playing video at 30 frames per second. Stood directly in front of it, Sharp’s parallax barrier technology makes images pop from the screen, even without 3D glasses. The effect is truly amazing.

We were told Sharp is currently torn between improving the screen, making it less power hungry and bulky, or meeting existing demand. Either way, we were told to expect the 10.6 3D display to turn up in consumer products next year. iPad 3D, anyone?

Out 2011 | £TBC | Sharp

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