If the Back To The Future trainers patent that emerged from Nike last week got you excited, we’ve got good news. While Nike’s plans are still firmly under-wraps, an amateur inventor has created real life Power Laces and if you slap down some cash, you’ll be able to get your hands on your own Back To The Future-style kicks…

Blake Bevin built a prototype version of the Back To The Future-inspired Power Laces back in July. She explains: “As part of an Art project for a contest, I created a version from spare parts which I demoed in a short video clip…despite its laughable looks and simplistic function, it went on to get over 1 million views…”

Bevin has built a more polished version of the Power Laces and put us all one step closer to realising our Back To The Future dreams. Over on Kickstarter, the crowd-sourced funding site, she’s asking for cash to make a mass production version.

There’s various rewards for donating to Bevin’s Back To The Future project and she assures us that the Nike patent doesn’t affect his work. He says: “Reading the fine print it seems that patent is actually for a footwear based lighting system and not an auto-lacing mechanism.”

In fact, Bevin doesn’t believe Nike will sell Back To The Future trainers any time soon: “I have my doubts that Nike will be releasing anything close to Power Laces in the near future and I believe my project can fill that niche.”

You can support Bevin’s project using the Kickstarter widget below and check out the early version of her amazing Back To The Future-inspired work in the video above.

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