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Want to know what the best PS3 games are? You’ve come to the right place. After more hours of game time than we’d like to admit, we’ve come up with our Top 5. These are the PS3 games you simply have to play, and you can see them to the right of this here full post.

Check out the list to the right

Cast your eyes over to the right of the page, and you’ll see our Top 5 Best PS3 games – these are the five star titles you need to play, right now. It’s easy to read more about them, or even buy them just with a tap of the Buy It button.

Of course, our Electricpig games experts are constantly testing out the latest titles, so if any of them make a lasting impression, they’ll be considered for the canon you see here – our Best PS3 games Top 5 is always up to date, you can rest assured.

Disagree with our Best PS3 games Top 5? Shout up with your picks in the comments below!

  • MarkG1234

    Where is Killzone2?
    Where is LittlebigPlanet?
    Where is Resistance?
    Where is MAG?
    Where is Infamous?
    Where is Ratchet & Clank Future series?
    Where is God Of War III?

    Why is there NO PSN titles? (awesome titles like WipeoutHD, SuperstardustHD, Last Guy, Hustle Kings, Shatter, Zen Pinball, Pixeljunk Monsters/Shooter, Flower)?

    There is so much to PS3 gaming, there is no way a list of 5 titles can sum it up….

  • Antz_901

    firstly metal gear 4 is one of the worst games i've played (or rather not played) on ps3. Whenever you think your getting somewhere another boring, useless cutscene interrupts. I wanted to play a game not watch a anime film. Why is fallout 3 not at number 1. It's the only game I can genuinely say I lost days playing, totally gripping. Resistance 1 should be in for mgs4 and god of war 3 should be in for assassins creed 2. The rest I agree with.

    • Avanhorn7

      ur wrong mgs4 is the overall greatest fps ever it combines a gripping story with snakes farewell and great depth, gameplay, and replayability mgs is the greatest game series ever and always will be

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