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Angry Birds developer Rovio has reportedly been hawking its wares around Hollywood, trying to convince studio execs to sign up to expand Angry Birds into a full length feature film, a TV show, and any other incarnations of the game its creators can come up with.

Variety has reported that Rovio “wants to turn the property into a major franchise that crosses over to other platforms — from TV shows and movies to toys and comicbooks”.

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CEO of Rovio Mobile, Mikael Hed, has said that he wants to put Angry Birds “in every possible place”, which includes a full complement of cross platform apps, plus versions across various gaming platforms.

So far, all that’s been confirmed are Angry Birds plush toys, but rumour has it that TV shows or a movie are top of Rovio’s franchise shopping list for Angry Birds. Entertainment deals are being helped along by big noises like Russell Binder, who helped set up perhaps the biggest franchise success of the last decade, the Twilight franchise.

Is this good news for Angry Birds fans, or is Rovio’s decision to cash in going to fall flat?Angry Birds fans, tell us what you think!

[via Variety]

  • MBats

    If he wants Angry Birds in “in every possible place” then hurry up and port it over to Android! I mean, WebOS getting it before Android? What's that about?!

  • Patrick Johnson

    yeah I want it on android to, would look good on my Dell Streak and HTC Desire.
    I emailed then and they might do it or they migh not…

    • bensillis

      It's supposedly in development I believe. My understanding is that porting a game from iOS to webOS is much easier than to Android -especially when graphically taxing.

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