The new iPod touch and iPad rumours just don’t stop, so it seems clear that Apple is beavering away on a new crop of iOS devices. We think we know about a new iPod Touch and what it will look like, as well as some details about the next-gen iPad, and we reckon we’ll see at least one of them next month if Apple sticks to its calendar and refreshed the iPod line up. But what else is being cooked up in Cupertino?

The ‘unknown hardware’ mentioned in the recent iOS4.1 beta has got us thinking. All signs point to a new iOS device in addition to the new iPod Touch and iPad, but what could it be? Here are our five best guesses..

Apple TV

The product that may or may not be known as iTV. We think the iTV name is a non-starter given the fuss that ITV networks would kick up, but Apple is definitely hard at work on a complete reworking of the original Apple TV. We would expect to see a compact set-top box that will bring the world iOS apps to your big screen as well as web browsing, video streaming and those all-important iTunes video purchases. You might even be able to use the new iPod touch as a remote for it.

iPhone 4.1

File this one under ‘extremely unlikely’ but rumours persist that Apple will try to draw a line under the iPhone 4 antenna crisis once and for all by releasing an updated device that has a slightly different casing. We doubt that a completely new iPhone would appear quite so soon after the iPhone 4 – and especially when a new iPod touch is likely to headline – but a refreshed design with a built-in bumper or slightly reconfigured antenna is a faint possibility.

iPod Nano Touch

The last iPod Nano refresh was a bit of a damp squib. Adding video to the iPod’s baby brother was a nice extra, but it wasn’t something that the public were crying out for.  A move to iOS and a touchscreen (or even just a cunning trackpad arrangement if Apple want to really keep the costs down) would enable the nano to run simple games and apps, just like the new iPod touch will. Given that the nano is popular as a gym or sports companion due to its low price and weight, being able to run sports tracking apps like Couch to 5k and iTreadmill would be great

iPod Classic Touch

The newest iOS devices are great at what they do but there is still no iOS equivalent of the iPod Classic with its epic bootspace. The pack-horse of Apple’s music line can hold a humongous 160GB of music. Will Apple ever decide to retire the old school iPod line and produce a touch-enabled device that can match the Classic for storage? Will the new iPod touch jump to 128GB and outmode it? Time will tell.


We’re blue-skying here, but we know that Apple is planning some kind of cloud-based music streaming and storage service. Might it also be working on a device to accompany it? A portable device seems unlikely as the iPhone/Pod/Pad has that covered, but perhaps something that could plug in to your home entertainment system and stream iTune content over your WiFi?

What do you think? Are there any iThings you would like to see from Apple other than a new iPod touch? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Chris UK1

    an updated MacBook Air would be nice, as slim as before but 15inch with more ssd

  • Chris

    Apple TV is by far the most exciting of the above, a weak point in Apple's current product range it would be great to see Apple do something interesting here. Personally I'd like to see the iPad finally get its iOS 4 software!

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