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Tesco has launched its game trade-in scheme across the UK, with over 60 Tesco stores across the country now accepting and selling used games. Could this spell trouble for traditional games retailers?

After a successful trial in its Basildon branch, Tesco is rolling out its games trade-in scheme to over 60 stores with dedicated multimedia departments. The supermarket chain has placed adverts in the national press listing several games alongside the prices it will pay for used copies. Unlike games retailers like GAME or Gamestation, who offer either store credit or (smaller) cash amounts, Tesco will be offering credit that can be redeemed against any product available in store.

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Sample prices include £19 for Red Dead Redemption, £12 for 2010 FIFA World Cup and £17 for a used copy of Mario Kart. Prices not to be sniffed at, even if the scheme does hold out the horrific possibility that your mum might decide to swap your copy of GTA5 for a week’s shopping.

Tesco’s Store Locator will seek out the nearest branch that is part of the trade-in scheme – also a useful resource if you are just looking to find some used games to pick up a bargain.

Available now | £varies | Tesco (via MCV)

  • Anon

    I hate this greedy company so much.Game and Gamestation are already feeling the effects of the recession, but Tesco seem to go from strength to strength.
    My husband works for them,but i don't even shop with them.Prefer Morrisons.
    They branch out into everything from banks to clothes,insurance to credit cards,even houses.What's next Tesco undertakers.They won't be content until they have a tesco in every town,village and city worldwide.Somebody should stop this domination NOW.

  • Lenny

    Hmm, first they want to destroy all the independent grocery stores and next the independent games businesses!

    I personally think that this will go the same way that woolies did when they tried – theyll pay too much for old tosh that wont sell and it will get canned in a few months or rallied down to a few select stores..

    at the end fo the day, the best deal for customers is the one that is going to win and thats why the likes of game/gamestation will offer more for newer titles, and ebay/amazon/goozex and tradeyourgames will remain the better online alternatives.

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