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The best SLR camera for you has never been more difficult to choose from, with more and more cracking shooters hitting shop shelves every day, at cheaper prices, and with more features we’d ever thought possible just a few years ago. Luckily, we’re here to solve the camera conundrum for you: check out our best SLR camera Top 5 here, to the right of the full post, and find the one for you.

Whether you’re a semi pro or an amateur newcomer, we’ve got the best SLR camera for you somewhere in our Top list to the right of the page. These are the best shooters you can buy right now, and you can read more about them with one click, or jump straight to Amazon to buy them.

Check out the list to the right

Because the pace of technology advances at such a clip, we keep our Best SLR camera Top 5 shortlist bang up to date, and our Electricpig gadget experts are constantly evaluating new efforts to see if they make the cut.

Disagree with our Best SLR camera Top 5 list? Pipe up with your thoughts on your favourite shooters here in the comments below!

  • Davidpkel

    Your camera comparisons are absurd. You have “ranked” cameras in the price range £400 to £4000. Clearly, the facilities offered are massively different. No reasonable person would expect to find commonality across such a range of prices. It is akin to ranking a Ferrari as better than a Ford Fiesta! We know. Only a moron would attempt to make such a comparison.

  • cscs

    Interesting view Davidpkel..
    Alternative way of looking at it though is that it's remarkable how close the performance of these dramatically different priced SLR's is – perhaps the absurdity is the vastly different prices that are charged for minor variations in performance (unless you're a pro that is)..
    Perhaps the clue's in the title Best SLR.
    There certainly seems to be a gap for a list of best starter SLR for £500 (and one for step up and perhaps for money's no object?) type list because people do tend to have different budgets/needs and aspirations in mind.

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