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The best iPhone apps aren’t the ones that give us a giggle for a few minutes and nothing more. They’re the ones we come back to time and time again, and simply can’t live without. Of course, on the App Store, that still leaves thousands upon thousands to choose from, but if you’ve just joined the legions of iPhone owners world wide, we’re here to guide you. Read on and you’ll see what we think are the very best iPhone apps in our Top 5 list, to the right of the full post.

Check out the list to the right

Follow the arrow to the right of the screen and you’ll see our shortlist of what we think are the five very best iPhone apps available right now. They’re handpicked from across every category, and rated by our team of experts.

The list of best iPhone apps is constantly being updated, so if another corker comes along, we’ll happily stick it straight in. In the meantime, click on through to read more about each of them, or pop the Buy It button to be taken straight to iTunes.

1. Dropbox for iPhone (iPhone)

Save your files up in the cloud and view them on your iPhone with Dropbox.

2. Facebook for iPhone (iPhone)

The world’s most popular social networking site, Facebook works wonderfully on iPhone, and now plays videos.

3. Angry Birds (iPhone)

Those high flying surly winged things are the stars of one of the mobile gaming hits of the year. Who hasn’t played Angry Birds?

4. VLC Media Player (iPhone)

VLC Media Player lets you play file types you wouldn’t otherwise be able to play on Apple’s stylish tech. Win.

5. Cut The Rope (iPhone)

Cut The Rope is an unexpectedly cerebral game that is both fun and challenging, with some top visuals and plenty of charm to boot.

What do you think are the best iPhone apps? Which are worth the money, and which do you use most often? Tell us in the comments below – if you disagree with our Best iPhone apps Top 5 list, we’d love to know why!

  • iphone application development

    Thanks for sharing your list. But I guess every iPhone user has its own list of top used apps…and they are all different. So that's hard to make just one best for everyone. As for me I don't like apps that are made just for spending time. My favourite ones include news apps and educational apps: they are really useful.

  • Xiao A

    thank for you sharing , i love my iphone 4 and i am also interested in my iphone app ~
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