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Sturdy sliding mechanism
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Symbian S60, keyboard layout
For the price, it’s a much better option than the N97 Mini. But that’s not saying much
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£249 SIM-free
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Nokia C6 review

The Nokia C6 has slipped on to shelves in the UK while the hype around Nokia’s high end Nokia N8 continues to build. As you can imagine, with a smaller screen and lower specs, it’s aimed at those who want a bit of easy messaging on the go rather than the ability to output high def video to a TV or some such, but can it compete against ever cheaper Android and BlackBerry phones? Find out in our full Nokia C6 review.

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On paper, the Nokia C6 ought to be a winner. It’s rocking all the hardware of the Nokia N97 Mini (Which itself had almost everything found in the big ol’ N97) bar internal storage, and even that’s compensated for by the micro SD slot, but at a drastically reduced price: £249 SIM-free, as opposed to £409 for the N97 Mini. The only real change otherwise is a slightly amended look, and a keyboard that slides out from underneath, rather than a screen that rises up at an angle – all the connectivity, like 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and 3.5mm audio remains intact.

Unfortunately, Nokia’s feature set trickling down to the mid-range market over the space of a year doesn’t cut it, especially when the N97 and N97 Mini didn’t at the top of the smartphone space in the first place, and rival platforms have carried on improving at a clip.

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You can read more about the build of the Nokia C6 in the keyboard and screen section of our Nokia C6 review, but suffice to say it’s not that enticing, especially when the drop dead beautiful HTC Legend can be had on £20 per month contracts also. The frame rattles, the five megapixel camera is fine but now simply par for the course, and the 3.2-inch screen is unresponsive – something you’ll notice particularly when surfing the web.

The keyboard on the Nokia C6 too feels like a slightly wasted opportunity: it’s got nicely shaped keys that would be easy for your thumbs to dance on were it not for how closely the top line sits to the screen, and slows down typing speeds greatly. As such, it’s difficult to recommend over other mid-range Nokias with QWERTY keypads, like the Nokia E63, now going for a song, or the Nokia E75.

Throughout, the Nokia C6 feels like the encore for the touchscreen Symbian S60 Nokia phone that nobody was calling for: Symbian S60 5th edition was an antiquity two years ago, and close to a write off now, were it not for Nokia’s savvy decision to offer free turn by turn navigation in Ovi Maps. But free satnav skills aren’t that much of a selling point when a mid-range QWERTY Android phone like the excellent Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro has that too. You’ll still have to put up with the screen blanks (We turned the phone off more than once by accident assuming it was already off – it was just loading, for a very long time) and single digit stabbing to get anything to respond. Unlike the Nokia 5800, the Nokia C6 doesn’t come with a stylus slot.

All in all, the Nokia C6 feels like it’s squatting on middle ground that nobody wants. Sure, people want a touchscreen on their phone, but it only works when it’s done properly, and a resistive panel isn’t the way to do that, even on the cheap. If you want it done properly for the same price, check out the HTC Wildfire, HTC Legend and the afore mentioned X10 Mini Pro.

If you want a messaging phone with a decent keyboard and great battery life, don’t be fooled by the lure of the touchscreen: Nokia’s Symbian S60 button only phones are much, much better than the Nokia C6.

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