Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse spotted

Microsoft’s rumoured Arc Touch Mouse has been spotted on a German online store, confirming that it is indeed a curvy mouse, rather than a trackpad.

We have been seeing rumours about the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse for some time and at one point the ‘Flat is where its at’ slogan was bandied about, sugesting that this might turn out to be some kind of rival to the Apple Magic Trackpad.

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Not so. It looks like this is in fact what it was always most obviously going to be – an update to the original Arc Mouse which adds a touch-sensitive scrolling feature as well as the ability to fold flat as a pancake should you want to slip it in your pocket or bag.

The Arc Touch Mouse also features a battery indicator, can track on almost any surface and comes with a tiny USB transceiver that can be stashed inside the mouse when not in use.

TBC | €69.99 | Microsoft (via Engadget)

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