Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review

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Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days is the ultra violent sequel to the underwhelming Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. This time round it brings non-stop action right to the end in this locomotive of unrelenting violence and revenge. But with so many AAA grade games knocking around right now, will it be enough to force its way into your gaming wishlist? Find out in our full Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review.

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Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review: Story
Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review: Multiplayer
Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review: Gameplay

Prior to its release, the original Kane and Lynch suffered somewhat from the hype surrounding it. A credible title it was, but for the most part it largely flattered to deceive, only really establishing itself as a cult favourite thanks in part to the introduction of two unforgettable protagonists. So unforgettable in fact, that both will be hitting Hollywood next year, with Bruce Willis starring as Kane, with Jamie Foxx playing the schizophrenic, unhinged Lynch. But before then it’s still reassuring to see them both return to gaming in Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days in what is an an improvement on its prequel.

The story revolves around an insane 48 hours that sees the world of Kane and Lynch turn upside down almost instantly, after the daughter of Shangsi, Shanghai’s biggest gangster is accidentally killed. Soon an organised hit is placed on their heads as they’re propelled from mere criminals to Shanghai’s most wanted under the orders of Shangsi. Soon even those close to Lynch (the character you take control of) aren’t safe and the themes of revenge and betrayal override everything else as shootouts occur between new foes and former friends.

To delve any more on the plot of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days would be to spoil things because there isn’t a lot of it. The result is that Kane and Lynch need to get out of the mess they find themselves as quickly as possible. That’s not to say the plot isn’t well executed. It is, as familiar as it will be to fans of gangster films.

What follows is non stop action from start to finish. It’s both a plus point and a negative. Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days developer IO Interactive has, for the most part ignored set-pieces in favour delivering as many gun ho shooty bits as possible. While the intentions are good, at times you’ll feel as if you’re playing the same stage over and over, minus the setting. There are some stand out scenes and levels, particularly one torture scene and the level immediately after it, simply because it arrives almost unexpectedly. Another that has you piloting a helicopter is the only real set-piece of the game, and will make you wonder why there weren’t more to mix things up.

While Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days’ controls have been improved from the original you can’t help but feel that the aiming and shooting still need minor tweaking. It’s still difficult to fire accurately without dawdling on the controls. Moving your cursor from one target to the next is still sluggish. Likewise even the most heavy duty weapons feel like peashooters, and enemies take an age to kill, even after being pumped full of sub machine gun fire at close range. Most of the improvements seem to have been made to moving the characters.

Another complaint is that Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days is pretty short. You could easily clear it on medium difficulty within eight hours, as we did. Though some will argue that eight hours is standard these days, so make of that what you will.

Not to be too harsh, firefights in Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days are still exhilarating, particularly on the more difficult modes as increasing enemy fire has you bobbing and weaving behind cover like a madman, with barely as much as a pause for breath as the more destructible cover gets blown to smithereens, forcing you to find new protection.

An aside on the visuals. The aesthetics of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days are heavily influenced by the YouTube generation, and it shows. Just like from a knock off camera the graphics appear deliberately grainy. The camera angle judders all over the place owing to the over the shoulder documentary style viewpoint. The effect works better in some levels than others, but for the most part it really adds to the miss en scene and atmosphere, giving you the sense that you’re as much accompanying Kane and Lynch as being a voyeur into their sick world.

Another area Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days immediately stands out is in multiplayer. IO Interactive has continued its policy of doing away with traditional deathmatch modes in favour of its own brand of cops and robbers style multiplayer.

Arcade Mode and Fragile Alliance mode have players teaming up as robbers to escape with $4 million dollars, with teamwork essential to racking up the highest scores. But with players able to kill their teammates and make off with the loot it makes for some interesting dynamics as you’re constantly watching your back. If you can’t trust your teammates who can you trust? The Cops and Robbers mode pits one faction as cops, and the other as the law as the cops attempt to stop the criminal multiplayers stealing the booty. Just as intriguing is the Undercover Cop mode. The same applies as with Fragile Alliance, but this time one player is randomly designated as an undercover policeman. It’s inspired and a good fit within the game’s context, rather than feeling tacked on like so many multiplayer modes do.

Die-hard fans of the franchise can rest easy that Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days delivers much of the same. Aiming issues remain, and shootouts, though enjoyable, are repetitive. It’s a short campaign, but it’s a thrilling ride nonetheless, backed up by an original multiplayer mode.

If you loved the original and have mates to play it with, Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days is definitely worth considering. This is how the first game should have been. There is enough about Dog Days to convince non-fans but some of the minor niggles still remain.

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Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review: Story

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review: Multiplayer

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review: Gameplay

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    This game is really an exciting one. It made me jump and shout for the actions and the fight scene. I just want to play with it all the time. This should be play and watch only by adults because of the violence story of the game.

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