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Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review

Whatever you think about Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days, there’s no denying that its multiplayer mode is something out of the ordinary. If it’s Capture the Flag and Deathmatch you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place. Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days does things differently. Does it deliver the goods? Read this part of our Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review to find out.

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Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review: Story

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review: Gameplay

Despite the first Kane and Lynch game getting mixed reviews, most critics agreed that its Fragile Alliance multiplayer mode was inspired. With no sign of Deathmatch and other clichéd multiplayer modes it was admirable on the part of developer IO Interactive to put its own stamp on multiplayer. Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days follows the same vein, and yes, Fragile Alliance mode returns, along with a few more.

But before we explain what that is, let’s establish some of the ground rules in Kane and Lynch 2′s multiplayer modes. Each mode is centred around two factions – cops and robbers. For the most part players will find themselves as the robbers trying to conduct a robbery, with the aim of escaping with a million dollar booty.

Players have the choice to work together, or selfishly watch as their teammates do all the work for them. Unless you’re cunning, traitors can be punished and the loyal rewarded handsomely. But it’s not always as simple as that. Think the opening bank heist scene of The Dark Knight and you’re not far off.

Arcade Mode is a Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days multiplayer mode that can be played offline with CPU controlled bots. It sees players having to co-operate with untrustworthy partners to detonate a bomb and make off with a hefty wad of cash. Collecting the cash is the simple part. From then on things get tricky. If you happen to have a large amount on you, all well and good. But beware, your teammates might get greedy, and try to assassinate you with the aim of taking it all for themselves. Funny thing is, you’ve got no choice. Fail to grab any loot and your team is unlikely to help you out, maybe even kill you.

The same applies in the aforementioned Fragile Alliance mode. Here you work with a team of online players with the aim of nabbing $4 million dollars and escape in a van within four minutes. You can choose to steal loot from killed enemies at the beginning yourself, but you’ll branded a traitor and mercilessly hunted down by your peers.

Dispatching traitors reaps rewards. If you happen to be a traitor and shoot someone you’ll get a yellow card and your entire team will be alerted to your scummy ways. Getting killed isn’t the end of it though. Die in Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days multiplayer and you’ll respawn as a cop attempting to stop the bandits. The tables aren’t so much turned as they are hurled into the faces of those you once called partners to add a genuinely exciting twist to things. Do you lie in wait till the robbers make the drop to put them away, or seek revenge on a player you don’t like the sound of? It’s up to you. Just as robbers can work together, so can cops. Stopping a robbery is just as rewarding as taking the loot. You can be a loser one minute and a winner the next.

It’s actually sometimes possible to predict just who will be loyal before you’ve even started playing in Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days multiplayer. Each player has a loyalty level. Your loyalty level is shaped by your motive to shoot a teammate. Those who’ve shot teammates when they’ve been traitorous will score high here, those who shoot for greed will be named and shamed as the least trustworthy before you’ve even played together, so you’ll know exactly who to keep a safe distance from once the going gets criminal.

Other more cop focused modes in Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days include Undercover Cop and Cops and Robbers. In Undercover Cop a player gets picked as a cop at random. His/her aim is to stop the heist, while masquerading as one of the gang, but he must wait until the crime has been committed to stand the best chance of rescuing the loot. Taking part as a robber, knowing that someone alongside you is waiting to take you down is an unusually thrilling experience best played online with people you actually know.

Cops and Robbers mode is a little more straightforward. You take part in a twelve-player team as either the cops or the robbers as the criminals attempt to steal the $4 million, while the cops try to stop them any means they can. Robbers share the loot, while surviving cops share scores.

Each mode is a refreshing take on multiplayer when played the way they’re meant to be, teaming up when necessary, before deciding whether to make off with as much of the bounty for yourself before your getaway van leaves, or leave the van with other players to share the spoils.

Gameplay-wise, each mode in Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days plays just as it does the single player story mode. This does have its problems. As in the single player game slight niggles with precise targeting remain. Don’t expect to be pulling precision headshots with too much regularity.

Another annoying trait carried over from the story mode is that enemies seem to take an age to die. You can pump someone full of bullets for what seems like an eternity before they start doing the same to you, yet thanks to Sod’s law you’re the one who’ll come worse off. It’s not uncommon to spot bizarre looking close range shootouts with both parties just standing there firing point blank at each other in the hope they won’t have to be the first to reload their weapon, like a bad Yakuza movie.

Another complaint would be that the routes to the goals can appear linear, and at times feel more like part of the single player mode than a multiplayer mode. There are some alternative routes to clearing multiplayer missions but these mostly consist of the odd staircase or corridor.

Though the niggles are likely to affect the enjoyment of the multiplayer in Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days it should not detract too much from what is a commendable online experience, particularly when played with friends. It’s not quite as addictive as online modes found in other stellar titles, but if you’re a fan of the original Kane and Lynch, or are looking for something different, Kane and Lynch 2′s multiplayer mode is worth a look in.

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Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review: Story

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review: Gameplay

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