Facebook location features have been in the offing for months but it looks like they could finally be ready for launch. US tech journos have received invites to head to Facebook HQ in Palo Alto on Wednesday for a three-hour long update on the social network’s features and products and the most think Facebook location features will be top of the list…

The Facebook privacy policy was updated back in October to provide for future location services. Since then we’ve seen rumours of a Facebook location rollout every few months. Initially we thought the new features would arrive at the Facebook F8 conference in April. Then details of a Facebook deal with McDonald’s popped up in May.

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Later that month, Mark Zuckberg told attendees at the launch of new Facebook privacy features that its location plans had been delayed by the need to deal with privacy concerns. In June, he during a visit to London he confirmed that a Facebook location app was being finalised and was “coming soon”.

After all the rumours and confirmed comments from execs, it’s seems highly likely that Facebook location features will be on the cards at the event on Wednesday. But we could also see more news on Facebook Questions or even an entirely new service. If Facebook location features are unveiled, they’re reportedly not setting out to kill rivals like Foursquare and Gowalla but will instead fold them in to the new service.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the goings on in Palo Alto and will bring you all the news on the Facebook announcements as soon as we get it. But in the meantime, jump into the comments and let us know what you think Facebook should do next. Will you be sharing your location?

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