Nokia Comes With Music is off to the great gig in the sky. Like Hendrix, Lennon and the drummer from Spinal Tap, however, true music legends never really die – they just get rebranded.

Nokia Comes with Music has always seemed a bit separate from Nokia’s other products under the Ovi label. That is set to change, however. Comes With Music will soon become part of the Ovi family and change its name to Ovi Music Unlimited.

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The plain old Ovi Music is still going, and will continue to be a source of downloadable tracks that you can play on your PC or other device as well as your phone. Ovi Music Unlimited will take Comes With Music’s ‘all you can eat’  model and make it a proper part of the Ovi Music service, with over 11 million tracks on offer. As before, users will be able to keep downloaded tracks once their subscription ends.

Nokia are also promising a redesign of the site and client apps to reflect the change in brand as well as offering a faster way to search for music.

There is no date confirmed for the switch-over as yet, but Nokia will be notifying subscribers by email to let them know what they have to do, if anything. In the meantime, Nokia recommend not changing any of your account settings – particularly your contact details – to help ensure that the regime change goes as smoothly as possible.

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