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We’ve had an early sneaky peek at DJ Hero 2 this morning. More than a peek in fact, more like an entire morning of DJ Hero 2, and can confirm that it is still not like real DJing, but is still as addictive as ever, on top of which it’s got some great new features.

The key addition to DJ Hero 2 is the raft of freestyle moves incorporated into the game play. These new freestyle additions mean you can wiggle the turntable and twiddle buttons to your hearts content, for a couple of bars at least.

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In DJ Hero 2 there’s a freestyle scratching move, a freestyle modulation dial to give a woozy wobble to your mix, and a freestyle fader move, to flick in and out of the two tracks. There’s also the odd freestyle in taps, where you can punch in as many times as you want in the open space.

The last of these is an open bar on the green and blue tracks, indicating permission to switch it up, and flick between the two tracks. Theres a guide inside the open bars too, which will give you an idea of how it’s supposed to sound best, should you (like me) be dissatisfied with your own shonky freestyle moves.

The DJ Hero 2 freestyle features can be really satisfying, if you get it right – we particularly enjoyed adding as much woozy wah-wah to Regulate as Warren G could take.

Also new to DJ Hero 2 is a raft of new DJ avatars and tracks. This includes Dj Qbert, David Guetta, (should you aspire to his weedy stature and enormous fame), and Deadmau5, complete with giant mouse head. Activision has also recently announced Tiesto to be in the crowd of new avatars.

New mixes for DJ Hero 2 are the expected batch of guaranteed floor fillers: Nelly’s Hot in Here with Regulate by Warren G; Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha with Pitbull’s Calle Ocha; Iyaz – Replay with Rude Boy by Rihanna; Just Dance by Lady Gaga with Deadmau5’s Ghosts N Stuff, and a Chemical Brothers supermix of Galvanize and Leave Home. There’s also a special battle mix for DJ Hero 2: MSTRKRFT ft N.O.R.E. – Bounce (FSG Remix).

On to game play DJ Hero 2. There’s still the two player and solo story mode, only the story mode has been upgraded and added to. Getting chucked off stage is restricted to the story mode, where you battle your way up to DJ stardom from dingy pub backrooms to the dizzy heights of Ibiza superclubs. Party mode lets you drop in and out, meaning you don’t have to wait to get a drink, and if both players drop out, it’ll play the mix in its full glory.

There’s a range of different two player battle modes. Points battle clocks up points and counts up at the end, DJ battle splits the song in two, and whoever performs best in their various allocated sections wins, and the accumulator mode, which means you clock up points the longer the run, and you bank points as you go. Drop a beat though, and your points knock to zero, and you’ve got to work it back up again.

What do you think of the new freestyle moves added to DJ Hero 2? Will you be upgrading from the original DJ Hero? Tell us in the comments…

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