A Plants vs Zombies addiction can be a dangerous thing. Washing up left unwashed, bills unpaid, prison inmates set free…hang on…no, we definitely haven’t done the last one. But a prison guard in the Philippines did after his obsession with Plants vs Zombies allowed five prisoners to sneak past him…

The five inmates escaped from the jail in Cagayan de Oro City while the officer meant to be keeping an eye on them was playing Plants vs Zombies. He’d left his keys lying around and the prisoners grabbed them to make their escape.

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Four of the prisoners were swiftly recaptured but a fifth, who hid in a rubbish truck, is still missing. A city councillor, Augustus Pe, says: “The wall was made higher, additional barbed wire was installed, security measures were tightened, why was the inmate still able to escape?”

We’ve got a pretty good idea. Maybe a ban on fiddling with your iPhone 4 while on duty might be a good addition to that list of security measures. At the very least, let’s hope the gaming addicted guard doesn’t move on to Angry Birds. There’ll be a full scale jailbreak if he does.

Want to know why the prison guard was preoccupied with virtual plants rather than real prisoners? Read our Plants vs Zombies review to find out.

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