The Apple Store Covent Garden is popular would be an understatement. The response to our sneak peek video tour and world’s first photos has been astounding, and four days later there are still queues outside Apple’s biggest store yet.

We’re getting reports from readers that some queueing Apple fans haven’t even been able to get through the doors in the last few days, with queues still outside and the store full to capacity with Mac-hungry shoppers.

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Over the weekend, Covent Garden was innundated with Apple fans. Were you there for the Apple Store Covent Garden opening? If so, tell us your experiences in the comments section. If not, enjoy our video tour below!

  • Dave

    Thanks for telling us about the queues, can you tell me are there any queues at the covent garden Tesco store, as I need to do some shopping.

    This is supposed to be news?

    • Partners_in_Grime

      Pretty much walk right in. It's the getting out part that may have a queue.

  • Greg Dixon

    I dropped by last night, it was busy but no queues. Also couldn't find any tills or accessories, so pretty useless really. Would make a great pub

    • clothheadhq

      They don't have tills just ipods with swipe card attachments. The accessories on on the third floor. Agree with you about the pub idea thou, it just needs a brand with the money of apple to do it.

      • Partners_in_Grime

        I hear they're planning on cider.

        • Greg Dixon

          They tried iCider a few years back, problem was it cost twice as much as anyone elses cider and despite boasting about it's alcohol content very few people managed to get intoxicated drinking it. Steve Jobs response was we were all holding the glass wrong.

  • Ricardo

    I was there on Saturday afternoon and the only queue was for an iPhone! If you wanted anything else or to look around you could go straight in…. As it's Tuesday I would say it's still the same without the cheers and high fives as you walk in!

    Would have been good if someone from Electric Pig actually made their way down there to check before creating a non story….. You guys must be bored!!

  • Daniel Wk

    Emmm, that's not correct – you can enter the store without any problems and it's not that crowded. An assistant told me that the queue was for the simfree iPhone they sold in the store today.

  • Alec

    The queues are for iPhones … if you just want to look around the store you can just walk in.

  • Janet

    Are you sure that those people that you saw queuing outside the apple store where not the local convent garden tramps, sleeping rough? Dreaming perhaps of owning an iphone. At least, for the few tramps that can't get one free on contract.

  • Ian

    The only queues appear to be for those wanting an iPhone 4. You can easily walk into the Apple Store and wander around – it's spacious and not crammed to the doors whatsoever. This is just a piece of puff journalism methinks.

  • Dan the man


    • bensillis

      Is that a euphemism for “Dedicated”? :)

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