Facebook has nabbed a new domain – Facebook.me – prompting rumours that it could be planning a brand new product rather than just the simple redirect that currently sends visitors to its main site. Could Facebook.me bring more customisable profiles to the social network or even be its long-rumoured answer to Gmail?

Facebook grabbed Facebook.me from a cyber-squatter in the UAE who’d added it to his collection of desirable domains. Visiting it now will take you straight to the main Facebook site but a project by a Facebook staffer bearing the same name suggests it could have other plans.

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Facebook designer Rob Goodlatte pulled together Facebook Me (which you can try out at Facebook-me.com). It takes the content you post on your Facebook profile and bundles it up into a Tumblr-style blog with a drop down menu to quickly flip through styles. Another .me suffixed service called Flavors.me takes a similar approach.

While there’s every chance that Facebook has simply gobbled up the Facebook.me domain as a defensive measure, the prospect of being able to create a customised mini-blog using your Facebook profile is pretty appealing. It’s also worth noting that the page created by Goodlatte is headlined “Facebook.me”.

Another potential use for the Facebook.me site could be for the social network’s long-rumoured Gmail-fighting Facebook email service. With Google’s second try at creating a social network, Google Me, reportedly on the horizon, using the name could be a way for Facebook to thumb its nose at its rival.

What do you think? Will Facebook make use of Facebook.me for a new product? Are you hankering for more ways to personalise your profile or might that make things a little too like Myspace?

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