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The Samsung Galaxy tablet leaked at the beginning of June has been confirmed by Samsung today to be on its way by the end of the quarter, before September, featuring a seven inch screen and running on an Android OS.

Reuters confirmed the tablet’s arrival, and its 7 inch screen, but Samsung did not have any further details about the exact launch date, pricing or name of the device. It’s also yet to be seen what version of Android the Samsung tablet will be running on.

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Given the success of the Samsung Galaxy S, a Samsung tablet could prove to be a real second player in the tablet market, which is set to explode with devices from Toshiba, Acer, Dell and others all getting in on the game.

When Samsung South Africa leaked the tablet back in early June, the image showed a tablet posing next to a Galaxy S, apparently running on Android and with a phone icon on the home screen. It also appeared to be running with a Super AMOLED screen.

What do you think? Can other tablets take a portion of the market off Apple?

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