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A new Amazon Kindle is headed for the UK in August, marking the first time the ebook reader has got a proper British release and thankfully means there’s no need to faff about with a plug adaptor. The new Amazon Kindle comes in two flavours – Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G – and it’s decidedly less punishing on your pocket than the iPad

The new Amazon Kindle is touching down in the UK on August 27 and Amazon will swing open the doors of its new UK Kindle Store on the same day. The big news is the price, the new Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi only version will cost just £109 while the 3G option will be £149.

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Unlike with the iPad 3G, the new Amazon Kindle 3G won’t require a contract. You’ll get your 3G connection without fees from Vodafone. However, unlike new Amazon Kindle owners in the US, there’s no free Wi-Fi deal bundled in with the offer.

The new Amazon Kindle comes in two colours, the familiar off-white or graphite. It’s 50g lighter than its predecessor and 20% smaller but the percentage that Amazon seems most proud of is that the new Kindle E Ink screen is 50% sharper thanks to tech called “font hinting” which tweaks the way letters are formed.

The new Amazon Kindle has had its storage capacity boosted – it’ll now pack in a library up to 3500 ebooks – and the battery life has also jumped to a month with wireless/3G switched off or 10 days with it running at full pelt. It also promises a better web browsing experience with a new WebKit browser on board, better PDF rendering and faster page turns.

The new UK Amazon Kindle Store will kick off in earnest with 400,000 titles on its virtual shelves. Amazon is promising to undercut any other ebook shop in the UK (including iBooks) and there’s also 1m free ebooks up for grabs.

The price of the new Amazon Kindle has got us seriously tempted to pick one up. Let us know: do you like the look of Amazon’s latest e-reader or has the iPad already converted you to using iBooks and the Kindle iPad app instead?

Out August 27 | From £109 | Amazon

  • Raffi

    No white 3G in uk. Sure most would prefer it too.

  • Nick

    Very tempted especially with webkit browser being free over the free 3g connection….. “Experimental web browsing is free to use over 3G or Wi-Fi”

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