Flipboard, the iPad app at the centre of a surge of Twitter love yesterday, is instituting invites after the sheer level of demand left its servers struggling to cope. If you nabbed the next-gen magazine app yesterday but haven’t been able to add your Facebook and Twitter feeds, you’ll have to wait. Flipboard has submitted an app update to Apple to add the new invite system but it could be another week before it’s approved. Will Flipboard frenzy fizzle out during the wait?

Over on online support site, Get Satisfaction, the delightfully named Flipboard spokesman Troy explains the problem. He says: “There has been a (literally overwhelming response to the app and our backend guys are working tirelessly to add more server capacity.”

Troy then details how the new Flipboard iPad app invitation system will work. If you’ve already downloaded Flipboard, you’ll need to grab the update. If you’ve not been able to add Facebook or Twitter yet you’ll be asked for your email address.

Once there’s enough capacity for you to paste your Facebook and Twitter feeds into your virtual magazine, you’ll get an email from Flipboard inviting you to add them. The Flipboard iPad app developers promise they’ll announce any developments via the Flipboard Twitter account.

While the team behind the Flipboard iPad app have been commendably swift in dealing with their capacity issues, some users are grumbling. One commenter in the Get Satisfaction thread was particularly brutal: “This is fascinating like a train wreck: awesome hype, awesome product, awesomely awful user experience due to lack of capacity.”

We can’t help but think the critics are being a little unfair, especially as Flipboard is a free iPad app. If you’ve grabbed Flipboard has it lived up to your expectations? And if you’ve got to wait for an invite, will you be coming back to try it out?

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  • RJ

    Critics certainly are being unfair for what is /currently/ a free app. However if you are going to go down the route of hyping your app, and getting over people to hype your app maybe it is best to overestimate your capacity requirements than to be chasing to keep adding capacity.

  • Daveyraveyblobs

    to be honest the feeds provided by the app provide plenty of interesting news and whatnot, and that part works really well.

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