An iPhone 4 jailbreak release is still on track despite the arrival of the iOS 4.0.1 update. There had been oodles of speculation that Apple would introduce new measures to frustrate coders but that hasn’t happened this time. The iPhone Dev Team reports that the ultrasn0w iPhone unlock used by Planetbeing as part of his iPhone 4 jailbreak has not been blocked and iPhone 3G jailbreak tools still work just fine. Read on for the latest installment in the iPhone 4 jailbreak saga…

MuscleNerd, the iPhone Dev Team’s ever-reliable source of iPhone 4 jailbreak news, reports on Twitter that the ultrasn0w carrier unlock is not blocked by the iOS 4.0.1 update. He also says you can safely install the iOS 4.0.1 update on an iPhone 3G or the iPod Touch 2G and jailbreak them again with redsn0w. iPhone 3GS owners should hold off for now though.

Comex, who was behind the Spirit iPhone jailbreak, still looks likely to be the source of the first publicly available iPhone 4 jailbreak but confirmed last night that his solution is “not ready yet”. That little word “yet” is crucial!

While the iOS 4.0.1 update doesn’t seem to contain any new measures to block an iPhone 4 jailbreak, the forthcoming iOS 4.1 release could still contain further anti-tampering tricks from Apple. The door to an iPhone 4 jailbreak is still open but who knows how long it’ll stay that way.

Have you installed the iOS 4.0.1 update on your jailbroken iPhone? Let us know if you’ve had problems. And if you’ve been planning to go for the iPhone 4 jailbreak, has the wait for a solution started to put you off?

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  • Ronmurr2000

    Have a 3GS which was 3.1.3 and jailbroken with Spirit. Foolishly updated it to 4.0 and now its locked again!! Nightmare while waiting for the new Spirit JB!

    • Dpwilliams12

      just downgrade it back and rejailbreak it!

      • johnnie5024

        How you gonna downgrade a 3GS new bootrom from 4.0 back to 3.1.3?

    • Swagger97

      the same thing happened to me now im jus sittin here waiting

  • Ratha Seth

    iPhone 4 jailbreak info

  • Michaelmercado83

    i cant wait to get the jailbreak for my new Iphone 4… honestly Iphones without the Jailbreak are crap… I hate iphones just the way they are.. I need the jailbreak pleaseeeee

    • Juan Ortiz

      i feel you there i hate my iphone without cydia

    • Leo

      Im with you on this one i have the iphone 4 but need the jailbreak soon as the phones just not the same without it

  • Dfswdgqg

    yeah im kinda gettin acustom to not having jailbreak but it would be nice maybe one day they will release it ! who knows

  • Mark Santiago

    I also really miss Cydia, i cant wait to see new themes with the retina display in mind. Plus, I MISS mywi

  • Steve-o

    I started my bout with Jailbreaking on 3.1.2 with blackra1n. I waited until the Spirit jailbreak was out before updating to 3.1.3. And I just had to see what the 4.0 buzz was all about and well, I've been stuck ever since. However, the only thing I am missing by not JB'ing is my 3rd part SMS app which lets me SMS from within another app without leaving it. I miss that…and my custom SMS tones too. 3.1.3 seemed more stable than 4.0 does and hopefully 4.0.1 will fix some of the stability issues and a JB will be out soon!!!!!! I need my iRealSMS app!

    • Johnnie5024

      BiteSMS is pretty cool also but I have bad news even with a jailbreak your not going to be able to run them yet, because iReal or Bite is supported by anything above 3.1.3.

  • Dpwilliams12

    Seriously guys… I have since sold my 3GS, but I had the same problems you had. I upgraded to 4.0 and thought it was the end of the world, but I figured out how to downgrade it and rejailbreak it on 3.1.3. #1 download the 3.1.3 firmware, restore it through itunes, use 'Recboot' to kick it out of recovery mode. From there, just use Spirit to rejailbreak it!

  • Xzigen

    i have the iphone 3GS, and now its on the ios 4 :( .
    -for the last 2 weeks or so..its useless, cannot wait for the jailbreak on the ios 4. Any1 has a idea how long it might take to be out, as i am at the stage…to downgrade to 3.1.3 if its going to take much longer, or just wait for the new one? please replay

  • Rommi_2good4u

    have a iphone 3g s, updated to iso 4, been waiting for the iso 4 jailbreak for my iphone for a long time as it can not be jailbroken, its starting to bug me now and im thinking of selling my iphone and buying a Samsung Galaxy S

  • frank

    so are we now saying no jailbreak until the next update from apple

    • SMG

      nobody is saying this, infact this artical is stating the opposite. The iPhone 4 jailbreak is coming very soon.

      With regards to the article, the two weeks I've had to go without a jailbreak have made me want it 10x more and more each day, screw apple's restricted iOS4.

      • Lukey K

        SMG – Do you know if my iphone 3GS will I be able to jailbreak its 4.0 software with this new jailbreak, I have the new baseband and dont have my old shsh.. starting from scratch.. Will it be possible?

  • CommonSenseGeek

    WARNING FOR OTHERS – I was running Jailbroken iOS4.0 on my 3G. I Jailbroke using redsn0w 9.5 for Win. I read that the same redsn0w could be use to jailbreak iOS4.0.1 on 3G. So I decided this morning to update to iOS4.0.1 Now when I run redsn0w and point it to the 4.0.1 IPSW it says “Unable to recognize specified IPSW” so I can't do the redsn0w jailbreak.

    • KimK

      You just have to point redsnow to the 4.0 firmware and once
      That goes through you use the 4.0.1 for the rest
      It will work

  • Ratha Seth

    when iphone 4 jailbreak gonna come out? i can't wait

    • Cover Girl

      every body jail breaks there apple devices these days im surprised apple dont make it legal update after update apple say this version and the next versions cant be updates but guess what the iphone dev team and dudes like geo shot surprise us every time i love those guys cydia is why i brought my iphone in the first place

  • Matthew McNeill

    have a iphone 4 running on 4.0.1 but dont have a clue were to start

  • XkingX

    i have install iOS 4.0.1 update on my jailbroken iPhone 3g out of use its slow and most of the apps wouldnt work

  • Caseychun

    i have a iphone 3G, i jailbroke it before but then i updated it :(
    so now i have to wait for the iOS4 jailbreak?
    and are all my free unlimited apps i got from the jailbreak going to be gone?
    please help someone :)

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