The Nintendo 3DS design is locked down, according Nintendo’s Hideki Konno. Previously, images of the Nintendo 3DS had come with warnings that its looks could still be subject to change. In a wide-ranging chat with Wired, Konno fleshed out lots of other Nintendo 3DS details including how the screen tech works, whether we’ll see a bigger screen in the future and more on its motion-control smarts. Head through for the highlights…

Though he didn’t reveal exact details about the Nintendo 3DS screen, Konno did let slip that the technique used is similar to an old-school lenticular sticker. He says: “If we simply prepare a picture for your left eye and a picture for the right eye, and the eyes each see a separate picture, it looks 3D.”

Asked whether we’ll see a larger screen version of the Nintendo 3DS like the Nintendo DSi XL, Konno confirmed that the 3D screen could be made larger.

Konno stressed that the aim with the Nintendo 3DS was to make it compact and easy to carry around but we’d still put money on a bigger-boned model arriving eventually.

Konno also confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS Tag Mode will store game data on the handheld so you’ll be able to share it with friends even without the cartridge to hand.

While he wouldn’t be confirm it, he hinted heavily that a Nintendo 3DS store is on the cards: “I can’t talk about specifics…but like WiiWare and DSiWare there should be downloadable content for this platform.”

He also said that the accelerometer and gyroscope within the Nintendo 3DS will work in a similar way to Wii Motion Plus and claimed that motion-controls won’t dilute the 3D experience: “There is the possibility that 3D and motion control could be used in the same software.”

We’re still waiting for a final release date for the Nintendo 3DS but with any luck, we’ll see it in time for Christmas. With more details spilling out about the 3D-packing portable, is it on your wishlist?

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  • Emzhemz

    Please Father Christmas, if you're listening, let me have a 3DS for Christmas. I don't want to have to wait until New Year to get my hands on one!

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