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We love the Dyson Air Multiplier. It’s bladeless air-moving abilities have kept us cool while the UK swelters, and we’ve enjoyed flying paper planes through it too. But out tomfoolery is nothing compared to the Dyson Air Multiplier shenanigans cooked up by the engineers behind the gale force gadget. Check out this video of a balloon performing a few tricks at the Dyson factory.

Dyson describes its video as a demonstration of the Dyson Air Multiplier’s inducement technology, but it’s more than that. Sure, you can see the balloon being sucked into the airflow behind the Air Multiplier, and even observe how far out to the side Dyson’s vacuum effect stretches, but what we love the most is how smoothly it propels the balloon around, even while it seemingly defies gravity.

Dyson engineers had to experiment with different sized balloons and other objects before finding the perfect fit for the Dyson Air Multiplier. However, they also give a stern warning: “This was created and executed by trained Dyson engineers under a controlled environment. Do not attempt to duplicate” although we can attest to the hilarity of firing paper planes across the room with our own Air Multiplier.

Out now | £200 | Dyson

  • Fulltopuk

    I am waiting for the Dyson phone to be announced! What next, the Dyson store, keynote speeches, products where the same job can be done for less than half the price?

    Where have I heard that before????

    • bensillis

      I'd love a Dyson phone. It'd be epic.

  • dieplzthx

    “Don't try this at home.” ? Really? Who else but Dyson Labs is going to have over $10,000 in fans laying about to play with?

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