Facebook is lending the Government a hand in its campaign of cuts. It’s running a Spending Challenge Channel to the Democracy UK page to ask you what budgets it should slash. To promote the initiative, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg called David Cameron up for a quick video chat. Sadly, they didn’t use FaceTime.

While the PM was sat in his office in his suit and tie, Zuckerberg was a little more laid back. In fact, it looks like he’s sat in his bedroom. We’re dubious about the Government’s plan to get Facebook fans to work out policy but the real question is: who looks more uncomfortable Dave or Mark? Watch the video below and cast your vote!

David Cameron sounds a little like our Gran talking about Twitter whenever he says the word ‘Facebook‘ and Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t seem nearly as excited about the whole enterprise. Watch carefully and you can see him turn the volume up on his Mac at one point. He also looks pretty nonplussed about the Prime Minister’s invite to pop in next time he’s in town.

Cast you vote below: who was more awkward? DC or the big Z? Do the smiles in this clip complete with the oddness of the infamous Gordon Brown grin?

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  • Billybob

    The Big Z is so much more awkward. Does he even know who David Cameron is!?

    • bensillis

      I love that he doesn't care.

  • Ykslad

    Awkward: Zuckerberg and quite scary too. And his bedroom looks like a prison cell.
    Poor David Cameron, he's probaly thinking this is good PR but it really isn't. Nodody who matters uses Facebook for anything serious.

    I've got an idea, let's cut all MP's wages by half and bring out a tax for Facebook users!

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