The new iPod Touch will come packing a 5MP camera with HD video shooting skills, according to John Lewis which has just spilled the new specs at its Xmas in July event in central London. It detailed the new iPod Touch specs saying it’s based them on “noises we’re hearing from suppliers”.  Click through for the latest details on the new iPod Touch…

The rest of the John Lewis slide predicts the new iPod Touch camera will add a Flash to the 5Mp camera and capture HD video (presumably at 720p just like iPhone 4). It’s also promising YouTube uploading. Most excitingly, it claims the new iPod Touch will be the next device to come packing FaceTime with calls over Wi-Fi so it looks like there’ll be a front-facing camera too.

Finally, John Lewis claims the new iPod Touch will pack in an accelerometer and gyroscope to further perk up its gaming credentials. This is all still speculation but John Lewis is one of Britain’s biggest retailers so its sources are likely to be pretty savvy. Apple is set to unveil the new iPod Touch at its annual iPod refresh in September.

Let us know what you make of the new iPod Touch specs spilled by John Lewis in the comments.

Due September | £TBC | Apple

  • Ds

    BS! neva gonna happen

    • Graehme Sievert

      Well it just did happen the ipod touch 4g came with camera and an a4 processor like what they used in the iphone 4g also the camera is hd compatible so u can take hd vids and pics

  • RobHWales

    Nice scoop!

    I wouldnt be surprised if this were true. Also I could see them changing the look and feel of the Touch to mimic the iPhone 4 unibody as this is a key differentiator for Apple (even if it doesnt work well as a phone antenna – allegedly!) plus use of the same components is standard apple. If they bother putting one camera in, why not two, and then facetime is an application – but how do you establish the call? With Facetime on the iPhone dont you make a voice call first and then switch or can you make a video call directly??

    With Cisco bringing out better wifi enabled Flip cameras it's a logical move for the holiday season. What I'm interested in is the vague rumours regarding the AppleTV, lots of unrealised potential there…….

    • Absjkahsjahsajksha

      facetime uses wi-fi.. it cannot and does not work via 3G etc

      • 21231

        3g unrestricter

  • someone

    wo is John Lewis?

  • noone

    who is John Lewis

    • Snooze

      They are a UK department store selling everything from clothes to computers. They have a reputation for excellent customer service and their staff seem to actually know what they are talking about. I buy my Mac computers there because they give a 2 year warranty as standard for no extra cost whereas the AppleStore only give a 1 year warranty. See for yourself at They sell all the usually Apple stuff.

    • James Holland

      They're a large department store from the UK. Sell lots of consumer electronics. Obviously, this is their prediction / what they're hearing from their suppliers, but if anyone's gonna have the inside track, it'll be the people who place the orders for the things before we even hear about them.

  • googfan

    All the bells and whistles without the stupid phone.


    Makes sense in terms of the refresh timeline on the product – but (as someone who has to have things approved by Apple now and again) I doubt Apple even saw this presentation – “FaceTime” is misspelled.

  • Liam Wilding

    This is to good To be true seriously the iPod touch would have to be twice as thick to accommodate the rear camera. Front facing camera likely 3mp rear camera +video possibly, 5mp rear camera plus hd video and flash no way. It is stupid buismess wise because it would stop people buying iPhones . They would have to make it a similar price to the iPhone which would make them loose business also they would have to make it thicker apple does not do thicker. Also John Lewis would not have a clue what was going go be In the iPod amd if they did they would be allowed to say anything also what did they say was going to change k. The iPod nano shuffle and classic

  • jeffrey pincombe

    hopefully because my warranty just expired.

  • Breakthrough9

    hopefully because my warranty just expired and if i get this i wont need an iphone.

  • Clark971

    Bullshit ! What's the interest of an iPhone 4 else ? Apple wants everything except that the iPhone market migrate to iPod touch market.

    • bensillis

      I agree – Apple needs an upsell to the iPhone 4 still. Maybe the new touch will still have a lower res screen.

    • bensillis

      I agree – Apple needs an upsell to the iPhone 4 still. Maybe the new touch will still have a lower res screen.

  • Ddog

    Awesome. Im thinking of getting an iTouch and this has decided it. I'll just have to wait 'till September 2010. Like an iPhone without the phone! Awesome!

  • Stuartjbaucum1992

    I really do hope Apple comes-out with this type of iPod Touch 4 (cause i would most-likely try to get it). It'll certainly be a great upgrade from the iTouch G3! :) Plus it would be more fun with a 5MP rear-camera + LED flash (with 720p HD recording), and a front-facing VGA camera+FaceTime. [and 1 other feature i'd love to see would be A-GPS capability]

    • Robinson

      Jobs won't like Lewis any more!

    • FartMan

      Ummmm, A-GPS requires the use of a data stream, hence the A, meaining “Assisted”. No phone, no GPS on the move, simple as that. It needs true GPS to make it a real feature, and you really think Apple would do that when they have A-GPS in the iPhone? Not a chance.

  • osXmacs

    They left out the 128GB capacity which any new itouch will have now that the chips are affordable

    • Liam Wilding

      I think it's a publicity stunt or aloud of crap this hasn't come from the mothe of John Lewis I want to see official documentation stating this before I believe it

      • amilsom

        But, Liam, official doccumentaton would mean they want people to know (controlled leak)

        However, if they released 'official documentation, that would only be after the keynote, and therefore a few months if not weeks from launch date.

        So, before you start yelling thats its crap, get your facts right, and stop chatting crap

  • jmartcouguar

    Ipod touch with camera would have been news two years ago now not so much

  • Austin Blake Harris

    nah its not gonna happen like that. It won't have a front camera at all. Maybe, maybe a back one. Deff. on the gyro and stuff like that! I think we will see or hear about iTunes 10 there which will have wireless interface! And then have the streaming from Apple's servers to come soon as soon as we work things out with the companies just like tethering and now FaceTime. The camera will also not have a flash and will be the same as the 3GS (3.2 MP) Thats obviously just my opinion but I doubt it's going to be too far from that! I am hoping for a redesign and retina display and I think both of those are very likely but then again… I do believe it will have the A4 and of course upgraded ram to just keep up to par. but the iPod Touch is an iPod! We're talkin incremental. Apple doesn't need iPod as much as they need iPhone or iPad anything new and great will be o those devices long before it makes it down to their baby cousin

  • Ttthot

    unless the ipod touch is having the same shell design as the iphone which is obviously not going to happen.

    • bensillis

      What makes you so sure?

  • Bob

    I think it is mostly true, but some of the features come to close to the Iphone 4G's.

  • dave

    Can someone explain what the gyroscope and accelerometer is? How will it improve gaming?

    • Gage Harper

      An accelerometer is what is used to tell how you are holding the phone and where the screen will show up (ex. if you hold it in landscape the screen will go landscape). And the gyroscope can tell if you are spinning, so if you turn around for some apps it will no you are turning and will spin around a 3D app such as if you're looking at a building, it's pretty cool in my opinion.

      • Terrygivanavich

        Not realy Gage. Accelerometers sence lateral movement in a given (single) axis. A Gyro sensor can output movement in 3 axes. Apple use a combination of these two sensors to reduce uncertanty in the movement and ultimataly the possition of the phone/pod.

  • Asas 8765

    when is it coming out

    • bensillis

      September, we'd expect – when Apple has launched the touch for every previous generation.

  • Jontthom

    I reckon retina display and dual cameras definatly not flash or hd videoing
    apple slowly relises things to improve the hype and improve the selling of there awesome products.
    Like no 4g on iphone 4 or flash perfectly capable but get more money this way

  • Loza567

    when does it come out?

  • beats for sale

    you never know Ds, you never know

  • dave p

    Glad I checked out this web site – I was all set to purchase a 64GB i-touch for myself and an 8GB for my daughter – we will hang on to see what Apple dish up on the new versions!

  • Brendan Elsbury

    i hope the touch has a larger memory i have seen case on easyishop already

  • Bob


  • Saffronxo

    Can you text on it(;x

    and how much(:x

  • Anonymous

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  • bobby

    how ya get it working it is n’t working ?

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