An iPhone 4 jailbreak tool has already been developed. So why are we still waiting for it to make its way out into the wild? It seems coders and Apple are once again engaged in standoff with the devs waiting for Cupertino to drop the next iOS4 update before they reveal the iPhone 4 jailbreak to the world. Read on for the latest iPhone 4 jailbreak news emerging from the iPhone underground…

Comex, the iPhone jailbreaker who showed the iPad Flash hack yesterday, has an iPhone 4 jailbreak tool ready and waiting. The news comes from the delightfully-named Musclenerd of the iPhone Dev Team. He revealed in a tweet: “Jailbreak for all devices at 4.0 is already handled by upcoming @comex release :) so good time for iPhone 4 unlock stuff.”

The reason why the iPhone 4 jailbreak hasn’t broken cover yet is that Apple is gearing up to release iOS 4.01 in response to the iPhone 4 signal problems. If the iPhone 4 jailbreak creators showed their cards now, it’s likely that Apple would stick a patch in the update to block the hack.

The Spirit iPhone 4 jailbreak tool will also work for other iOS 4 devices including the iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS. In another tweet, Musclenerd promises that the tool will be a “painless install”.  He’s also offered up proof that the iPhone 4 jailbreak works with a screenshot showing the unofficial Cydia app store at work on a new iPhone.

Another iPhone 4 jailbreak coder, Planetbeing revealed that Apple is still working hard to stop the jailbreakers with code specifically geared to stop previous methods: “Apple added an anti-blacksn0w trick this time around…”

Given their success in the past though, we wouldn’t bet against the iPhone jailbreakers skirting round Apple’s best efforts. The question is: will you be hunting down an iPhone 4 jailbreak tool? And why? Is the idea of FaceTime 3G calls the biggest draw?

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  • Cameron

    I simply cannot wait for the jailbreak for my iPhone 4…my phone feels so underwhelming and restricted without it. I got too attached to the many many Jailbroken apps like SBsettings, 5 Icon Dock, Winterboard…and countless others.

  • Superpara

    one of the most annoying things on the iphone for me is the useless call log.. so one of the main reasons for me to jailbreak is so I can use a decent call log app like MobileLog.

  • Jose Perez

    Unlike a lot of new articles on this, this one seems to be pretty informative. I get tired or seeing the same bs about iPhone 4 jailbreak. I too am anxiously waiting for the jailbreak. Now that frash is in the mix as well; Damn… it just gets better and better. Why in your right mind would you not jailbreak? It's like that Geico commercial a while back where he asks the guy if he'd like some free money and turns it down… no thank you, I have enough money already.

    Un-jailbroken = FAIL

  • Reefacar

    Iv jailbroken ever since i felt cheated that my iphone 3g couldnt record video!! I mean come on!! No video!! Wtf!!? So i jailbroke to get cyrecorder which at the time you couldnt buy on app store then i found out more about the iphone and how it works and what id been missing out on not being jailbroken such as backgrounder app (before os4) internet tethering for free to my laptop! Themes on winterboard so u can jazz up the phone. I found out how to unlock for any sim. Iv never known an iphone damaged my jailbreaking either scare mongering by apple. I cant wait to jailbreak my iphone 4

  • Jack2501

    This is all speculation! You're reading too much into it. The jailbreak is “upcoming” that doesn't mean it's ready to be released and no where has anyone said they are waiting for Apple to release the next iOS version before releasing the jailbreak! And get it straight, blacksn0w is an UNLOCK not a JAILBREAK. You're talking about two different things.

  • Lee

    Please give me the exact procedure for how to jailbreak iphone 4.0
    Sorry, I am a new user. I can not do anything with my iphone

    • Applehelp

      try turning it on……

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