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Final Fantasy 14 dated for PC and PS3

A Final Fantasy 14 release date? This year? Well. That’s a turnout for the books, after Final Fantasy 13′s extended gestation. We’ve got the official launch date for the online RPG right here for both PC and PS3, along with plenty of brand new screens, so check them out right now.

The global launch of Final Fantasy 14, first announced at Sony’s E3 2009 keynote a year ago, will take place on 30 September for PC, with a collector’s edition going on sale in Europe a week earlier on the 22nd, at a presumably higher price.

The PS3 version of Final Fantasy 14 meanwhile will be released in March of next year, and both games are already up for pre-order online: Play.com lists upfront pricing of £34.99/39.99 for PC/PS3, although as we’ve come to expect with MMO (massively multiplayer online) titles, there will be a monthly charge: £8.99, with extra characters costing £2.10 each.

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It’ll be interesting to see how Final Fantasy 14 fares in a genre still dominated by World Of Warcraft after half a decade, and the blockbuster Star Wars Old Republic game on the horizon too. Final Fantasy 13 was a strictly solo affair and a commercial smash (5million plus sales), but whether fans will stick around to play the online series as they have done 2002′s Final Fantasy 11 remains to be seen.

Will you be pre-ordering Final Fantasy 14? Are you in on the beta already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Out 22 September | £34.99 | Square Enix

  • Jpjosey

    From FF7 I have played the whole series chronologically (with the exception of spin-offs, X-2 for example). I gave FFXI (the first MMO) a decent bash, loved it, but then I played WoW and it destroyed FFXI, it just didn't meet the overall standard of WoW. Since then I have been disappointed with the 'streamlining' or dumbing-down, of the recent releases FFXII and FFXIII.

    So yes, I will be buying FFXIV for PC when it comes out. But I don't expect I will play for much longer than the first month. Even if it is more playable than anything else I'm playing at the time, I'm still much more looking forward to SW:TOR and Diablo 3… and Deus Ex 3… and Shogun:TW.

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