foursquare monopoly appFoursquare addicts, stop checking in to the staff toilet for a second and listen. Foursquare’s Jonathan Crowley says there’s a new way to check in right around the corner: a Foursquare Monopoly app, that he says is in development right now. Read on, and see him explain it on camera.

The game works via your check ins. “You have 20 venues you hang out at, and ten of your friends to play with,” says Crowley. “Everyone has fake cash of £3000 or so, and when you check into a venue, if nobody has checked in before, you can buy it.”

Then, when one of your friends checks in, and sees that someone else owns it, that person has to pay rent to the ‘owner’, and the winner is the one to reach a fake cash goal. Crowley says it’s a way to “take a really classic game like Monopoly, and layering it onto real life hanging out”.

It sounds great, and it’s a sign that there’s more to come from Foursquare apps, especially as another funding round draws to a close. In the UK though, Foursquare just isn’t that fun yet – there aren’t enough users to create exciting places and tip offs yet, and as a result, users in London check in to such exciting hidden treasures as the Novotel at Euston, and Paddington station.

Perhaps Monopoly, being something which many British families and homesick housemates submit themselves to every festive season, will turn Foursquare around in this country, and bring to the fore that very British trait – oneupmanship. Check out the video below.

Foursquare’s Jonathan Crowley from Handshake Magazine on Vimeo.

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