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We love
Solid design, more upgrades than a Transformer’s body shop.
We hate
iTunes integration is still sluggish, FaceTime is Wi-Fi only, and HD video chomps through memory
The iPhone reborn, and it’s never looked better.
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£499 unlocked
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iPhone 4 review

The iPhone 4 is here. After more leaks than a St David’s day in Cardiff, the dust has settled and the iPhone 4 faces closer scrutiny than any mobile before it. Is Apple’s Retina Display really sharper than a whittled lemon? Does FaceTime revolutionise mobile communication? And can that all-glass design stand up to usage tests as well as it does oggling? Read our full iPhone 4 review to find out.

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We’ve looked forward to the iPhone 4 more than any other gadget this year, and for good reason: Where the iPhone goes, rival manufacturers soon follow.

The original iPhone ushered in unibody metal cases soon echoed by the likes of HTC. Without Apple, multitouch may never have made it to mobile handsets beyond LG’s original, and pre-iPhone, Prada handset. When it comes to apps, Steve Jobs’ baby continues to lead the charge, and make tsunami-sized waves across the tech industry.

With the iPhone 4, however, Apple has made some serious leaps forward. Gone are the days of iPhone 3GS speed increases and minor capacity boosts. This is an all-new iPhone 4, with a re-jigged OS to boot.

Almost everything inside the iPhone 4 has been upgraded. From the newly high-res 5 megapixel camera, to the accelerometers, augmented with a new six-axis gyroscope. And despite that, the iPhone 4 is slimmer than its predecessors. Sure, it’s boxy and feels a little heavier than the 3GS, but it’s all an illusion. Gone are the gentle curves, and in their place is a newly crisp aluminium and glass monolith. Unlike any other, this iPhone means business.

Previous iPhones have been criticised for packing a weedy camera, no flash, or lacking video calling. The iPhone 4 knocks those doubts out of the park in a flash. Its new FaceTime video-calling, while Wi-Fi only at present, is ludicrously good fun and entirely setup-free. Simply phone a friend and assuming you’re both hooked up with Wi-Fi, one tap is all you need to see their mush full-screen. You can even flip the image and show them what you’re seeing, or drag your own face around the screen to stop it obscuring the view.

The camera too is capable of HD video – for more on it, read our full iPhone 4 review: HD video and iMovie to find out more.

Several readers had doubts about the iPhone 4’s antenna and battery life, and while we’ve covered the former in our iPhone 4 review: New design, the latter seems on par with an iPhone 3GS in mixed daily use, and significantly better when in standby. We barely used our iPhone 4 last Saturday, and were pleased to find it still brimming with battery by Monday.

Call quality too has been improved. The iPhone 4 seems louder, less wishy washy and clearer than Apple’s earlier efforts. You could pin that improvement on its inclusion of a secondary mic for noise cancellation, but it still struggled a little as we made a call from a hectic train station.

Underneath it all is the brand spanking new iOS 4, which looks sharper and quicker than ever, thanks to the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. We’ve reviewed the iPhone 4 screen separately. It’s that good. But the iOS software is what really makes it shine.

Neat tweaks, such as folders and ultra-simple multi-tasking make the most of the iPhone’s resolution and speed. Yes, it’s another iPhone, more of the same, with improvements and upgrades dotted around. But Apple has succeeded in making a phone we’re so familiar with feel fresh and new.

There are niggling annoyances, such as the still-sluggish iTunes syncing, and the iPhone’s inability to pick up where it left off syncing if you’re interrupted by a phone call. FaceTime too is in its infancy, and easily confused if both participants instigate a video call at once. Likewise, HD video recording, while jaw-dropping, gobbles memory quicker than a fat kid at a cake sale, but they’re all minor points: there really are very few major sticking points when assessing the iPhone 4.

Quite simply, the iPhone 4 is the best performing, best equipped, most well-rounded mobile phone ever made. Apple has silenced its critics, out-performed itself, and above all created an iPhone that will keep its competitors following its lead for another 12 months at least.

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  • Charlotte Smith

    the iphone 4 is the best phone i have ever seen. the style and graphics are amazing. i have trying to get the iphone for ages. but i guess everyone has the same opinion as me which is that the iphone 4 is awsome and they would be the luckiest person if they had it

  • Rob

    If only it worked well, nothing more annoying than just picking phone up for a call casually an having to call back after re-thinking how your gripping…

  • Ddd

    i think this review should be rewritten – especially in spite of recent events

  • http://twitter.com/chris7494 Chris Smith

    In my opinion this is a prime example of why electric pig isnt taken seriously any more. iPhone 4, the best kit on planet earth. The review states under likes, “solid design”, are you reviewing the same phone that everyone is complaining about and has serious design flaws? Not only the signal issued but the also common problem of the proximity sensor regularly not working. All down to BAD DESIGN which you seem to think is “solid”.

    The iPhone 4 is a terrible, faulty design. People are complaining about this phone, with the exception of the Apple fanboys (which electric pig seem to be now) who would buy anything that says Apple on it and they would love it no matter if it didnt even work at all!

    Someone really needs to rethink electric pig priorities as at the moment, it looks like your being paid by Apple.

    Stop telling people what you think they are going to want to hear and be honest, the iPhone 4 is next to useless, ive had one for a week, hated it and sent it back. However, after how Apple have reacted to the whole situation and the amount of lies they have come out with, ill never buy another Apple product again, the same can be said about every single person I know who purchased the iPhone 4 who is not Apple obsessed.

    Come on electric pig, sort it out.

  • Sani

    I love the phone, it's screen is a wonder to behold the detail is remarkable, and the speed and ease when surfing or opening apps. is beyond expectations. Personally I haven't and don't know of anyone who has had dropped calls, or problems with the “death grip”, but clearly some have and hopefully it will be sorted out in the updated iPhone 4s/5?.

    Overall I would throughly recommend this phone. It's still King.

  • http://www.chentudou.com Ben

    you like to use the phrase 'more somethings than a something's something' a lot on this site.

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