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The iPhone 4 has been in the hands of some lucky punters for several days now, and while the doors have only just opened for UK sellers, we’re already seeing reports of strange reception issues, and problems with the iPhone 4′s sharp Retina Display. Is your iPhone affected?

Apple trumpeted the clever engineering of the iPhone 4 at its big unveiling earlier this month, but it might not be acting so smart for everyone. Reports on forums and videos on YouTube suggest that the new antenna – actually the metal band around the edges of the phone – loses signal when grasped. You can see a video of the problem below:

As some have pointed out, it’s perfectly possible that this is a software issue and the screen simply display lower bars, when there’s been no change in reality. We’ve not been able to verify this ourself yet but our iPhone 4 is due to flop through the letterbox at any minute.

That’s not the only reported iPhone 4 issue however: forum grumblers are also putting up photos that show the iPhone 4 screen blemished by either a yellow spot or bar, and a handset purchased by blog Engadget shows this.

Of course, whether these problems are widespread won’t become clear for another few hours, as the number of people rocking new iPhone 4 models increases exponentially on official launch day. We’ll be sure to check them out for ourselves on our review units, and in the meantime, console yourself with this video of one iPhone 4 owner debunking all these issues – on her handset at least.

Are you seeing any iPhone 4 technical faults? Let us know and send any photos to

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  • Craig Stark

    typical… i have what can only be described as yellow wee cloud inside the bottom of my screen

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