We knew the HTC Wildfire was just around the corner, and now the first major network has it in stock. As of right now, it’s shaken off its pre-order status on the Vodafone store and is ready to buy right now – as are the Samsung Galaxy S and low price Vodafone 845 too.

Several operators (including Virgin Mobile) have said they will sell the HTC Wildfire Android 2.1 smartphone, but now Vodafone has the 3.2-inch touchscreen critter in stock, free on monthly plans from £20 per month – the same starting price as for the similar and more powerful HTC Legend, but bundled with 300 minute as opposed to a piddly 100.

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If the HTC Wildfire’s a bit too low spec for your Android tastes, the turbo charged, 4-inch Samsung Galaxy S has now moved from pre-order on the same site too, though it is already in stock elsewhere.

Finally, going down market from the HTC Wildfire, the Vodafone 845 Android phone is now on sale too, priced up at £15 per month. In case you missed this one at launch, it’s a tiny 2.8-inch screen affair, very similar in build and specs to the T-Mobile Pulse Mini, but loaded with Vodafone’s 360 social networking skin.

Whether the 360 skin can make the Vodafone 845 any more usable than the frustrating Pulse Mini remains to be seen however – we’ll be sure to break it down for you in a full review, coming soon. And speaking of reviews, our HTC Wildfire verdict is coming later this morning, so hold tight for that too.

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  • Jeg1972

    I've just got the HTC Wildfire for £15/month at a Vodafone store (although they call it the Desire Mini)

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