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The iPhone 4 is seriously desirable – the Apple Store meltdown during iPhone 4 UK preorders illustrates that – but despite its seriously sharp new screen and eye-catching design it’s still not the perfect smartphone. We’ve been pondering a few of the iPhone 4 missing features and want to know what you wish Apple had added this time around. Read on for a rundown of five frustrating iPhone 4 omissions and hit the comments to let us know where it left you wanting…

microSD support
While almost every other modern smartphone lets you get a welcome storage boost from a microSD card, iPhone 4 keeps you locked in to the onboard storage Apple gives you. We know 32GB seems like a lot to start with but if you’ve got a massive multimedia stash, all your videos, music and apps can soon gobble it up.

Replaceable battery
Once you’ve stuffed your iPhone 4 full of apps and music, it’ll end up welded to your hand just like the iPhone 3GS before it. And while we’re promised seriously improved battery life from the new iPhone, Apple’s insistence on non-user replaceable batteries means there’s always the risk that your phone might need to go back to the store for some TLC and leave you bereft. It’s a shame as we’re sure Apple would have done a roaring trade selling batteries to all those business travellers and festival fans who’ll be touting iPhone 4 this summer.

Wireless music syncing
With all the excited talk of an iTunes Cloud service, we’d been hoping that iPhone 4 might add wireless music syncing as one of its new tricks. Sadly neither it nor the much-whispered about iTunes Replay service were revealed at WWDC which means the forthcoming Android music syncing plans could get the jump on iPhone 4 in the meantime.

HDMI out
Though iPhone 4 will grab videos in 720p HD, it doesn’t make it easy to show them directly on your TV. We’d have loved to have seen HDMI out slipped into iPhone 4. Currently you can only opt for a Dock Connector to VGA adaptor or an Apple Component or Composite AV cable. Still, at least the new Mac Mini has shown HDMI some love.

A serious snapper
We’re glad iPhone 4 has jumped from the iPhone 3GS’s fairly pitiful 3MP to a more respectable 5MP camera. However, with the Nokia N8 set to deliver a 12MP camera and 8MP sensors being slapped into scads of new smart phones, it’s a shame that Apple’s imaging tech remains behind the curve.

Now it’s your turn: what features do you wish Apple had added to iPhone 4? Are there any missing elements stopping you from picking up the new iPhone?

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  • bensillis

    I think the very fact that you need to tie an iPhone to a computer still an outmoded idea. Wireless syncing is good and all, but let's get a bit of cloud backup going there that doesn't cost money every year either.

  • Mindy

    For me the only missing thing is a faster network that would allow reasonably paced cloud backup of all the files on the device as well as streaming of media the owner has stored elsewhere.

  • Ginge

    None of this supprises me as apple are the slow release masters. It means they can bring outdated technology to us in forthcoming years and we will lap it up and think it is the best thing since sliced bread because its apple

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