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The iPhone 4 goes on sale next week, and it’s coming in two storage flavours: 16GB and 32GB. You can’t expand storage through memory cards, so which will you choose? We’d like to hear what you plan to store on your iPhone 4, so let us know below.

Pricing for the iPhone 4 has yet to be confirmed, so we don’t know what the difference between the 16GB and 32GB models will be in terms of how drastically they lighten your wallet. But merely on a practical level, will 16GB be enough room for all the music, videos and apps you plan on stuffing onto your iPhone 4?

I just took a look at my iTunes library, which I don’t consider to be particularly extensive. There’s certainly no lossless music in there, and no videos at all. It’s over 22GB, so if you’re a bit of a music nut and really want to use your iPhone 4 as an iPod (didn’t Steve Jobs once describe the iPhone as “the best iPod ever”?), you’re either going to need to go for the 32GB edition or be picky about which music you transfer onto your 16GB model.

And music is just one thing you’ll need to store on there. The iPhone 4 features 720p HD video recording, and any footage you capture will doubtless take up a fair bit of space. And then there are the videos you’ve bought, and apps, and photos…

So what do you reckon? Will you go for the 16GB iPhone 4 or its roomier 32GB cousin? Tell us in the comments section below.

Out 24 June | £TBC | Apple

  • Zed

    enough. black or white. 3gs or 4. 16gb or 32gb etc etc. I just don't care any more!

  • NickW

    16GB & Black – my reasons below (if anyone interested)!

    My music library is not shrinking and is at around 60GB already, so it's just as well i have a separate iPod classic (160GB) for my music & podcasts.

    Unless the price differential is very small (i.e. around £50 which is unlikely in my opinion) then I will go 16GB and probably stick with Black like my current 3G.

  • Darren

    I was going to favour the 16gb version purely because i have a 16gb and never come no where close to using the full capacity.

    I have about 100gb of music and like previous person have an ipod in my car which handles it nicely.

    However with the 720p HD etc maybe just maybe 32gb might be the better option. Depends on the pruice difference, 50 quidf fine and more than 100quid then no way!

  • Vinny

    I think i might need the 32GB because i have 4 GB left on my 16 GB 3GS but i think with the new feature such as HD video recording, and various new technology that will be saved on my iPhone, i will run out storage really fast

  • Sam

    Should I go for the 16 or 32gb?

    I have about 6gb of music (for now).
    I wouldn't store old pics/vids on the iphone but I would take new vids/pics using the iphone.
    I want apps. Typical apps. Taptap, bubble wrap guitar toolkit etc.
    I won't put movies on it.

    Any suggestions?

    • ZaZa

      16gb should be sufficiant if not putting movies on, i just ordered my new i phone 16gb black, there was £135 price difference between the 16gb and 32gb.

  • Kuzz Simons

    Got ta 32gb iphone 4, and u know, if i had the 16gb i was fucked up.

  • metriber

    eu keroooooo

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