Google Earth is getting ready for the World Cup just like the rest of the planet. 3D models of every World Cup stadium have been added to Google Earth, so you can take a tour and fly to South Africa for free. Read on for more details and a speedy Google Earth World Cup stadium tour video…

Google has whipped up a full 3D tour of featuring every World Cup stadium or you can check them out individually using the Earth view in Google Earth. We’d recommend visiting the Mbobela Stadium which sports rather fetching Zebra-print seats and the Royal Bafokeng Stadium where England play the USA on Saturday.

If you’re feeling particularly geeky, Google Earth’s Historical Imagery feature will also show you how the World Cup stadiums were constructed. Hit Google Earth, switch on the Historical Imagery layer and you can travel back and forth in time using the slider to see the World Cup stadiums rise from next to nothing. You can also create your own with Google Building Maker.

Hit the comments to let us know what you think of the Google Earth World Cup stadium tours and point us to any other cool World Cup web finds you’ve stumbled upon.

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    Google earth is a true champion…….Google is LEGEND for me!!!!

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